Moira Nicole DiMaggio

Born September 18th, 2001
8 pounds, 9 ounces
20.5 inches long



3 days prior (we thought it was 2 weeks)

These are all from the hospital

Official Weighing
First night out
more Moira
Just born
more Wendy & Moira
That was a looong day...
Joe & Moira
more Joe & Moira

These are at home

Dad's belly makes a great baby perch
Chillin with Dad, watching TV
View at your own peril!
My Little Cherub
Quietly plotting world domination
Happy Halloween!
All gussied up.
Hey Mom! Guess what's in my diaper!
The Three Amigos
It's been a LOOONG day...
I'm not asleep! I'm resting my eyes!
Fear the demon baby!
Yet another picture of cute crashed-out baby
Christmas with the folks
Mom is such a sparkling conversationalist
You! Come here! I must drool on you!
Yeah, I'm cool.
They'll sell you ANYTHING on the Internet nowadays.
So this is that solid food I've been hearing so much about...
Hanging out with the grandparents.

9 months or so

Maybe I can smoosh my way through this mesh...
Falling asleep on Grandpa... Must... Resist...
Four generations, one picture.
See, Aunt Becky? You just grab her hair and PULL.
Little help here? I need a boost. Anyone? Please? This is undignified.
Slamming back a cold one with dad.
Maybe I can chew my way out of here...
How much is that baby in the window?
Hmmm. Needs a little salt.
Bouncy bouncy!

1 Yearish

Baby in a catsuit
Look at me! I'm walking!
You bring that camera any closer, I'll eat it.
Mom wins the battle of the Christmas presents. This time...
Wandering around in the backyard
More wandering around in the backyard
So are you going to push me or just stand there taking pictures?
Put that camera down and PUSH!
Bangin' on the bongos like a chimpanzee
Backyard in the springtime
I wonder if I can bean dad on the head with this...
Elmo's teaching me how to hack into NORAD!
Best Buddies

22 months, at the park

Just hanging around...
All this hanging around is thirsty work.
Let's try the big kid swing out.
Can't get enough of them bongos
Moira figures out how the slide works:
Climb onto the ramp
Climb up the ramp
Grab the slide
Climb onto the slide
Get up
Climb over the railing
Climb back onto the ramp (baby got back)
Back around again
Onto the slide

Valentine's Day, 2004 - SNOW

Age 2 years, 5 months

I'm not too sure about this stuff...
Are you sure it'll support my weight?
Oooo! Snowball!
Hey dad! Let's make a snowman!
I can help with the snowman!
He's as tall as I am!
I'm still not sure about walking on this stuff.
Are you looking at me? Huh? I don't see anyone else here.
Walking in the snow
I'm gonna bean Dad with this.
Hey Mom! The snowman needs ears!
Snow ear #1 added.
Snow ear #2 added.
Now it looks like a snow mouse
Adding more snow
More walking in the snow
Grabbing another snowball
More walking in the snow
More walking in the snow
Snow Mouse
Look! More snow!
In the backyard
Where did that snowball come from?
Dad, did you throw a snowball at me?
Stop it!
Pooh and Piglet footprints

Little Sister Gwen

Meeting little sister Gwen
Giving baby sister a hug
This works better when Mom does it...
Dad and the girls

2 and a half, roughly

Go, dad! Go!
Faster, dad! Faster!
At the Austin Nature Center, at a hawk cage
At the Austin Nature Center, looking at box turtles
At the Austin Nature Center, reading up on owls
At the Austin Nature Center, looking at a vulture


With Dad and lots of flotation
Big smile!
Swimming with Dad
Swimming solo

Glam photoshoot, crap scan by Walmart

On a pile of leaves
With flowers
With Gwen
With Gwen again

San Antonio Zoo, 2004-07-22

In the wagon, ready to go
Monkey, and some small hairy primates in a cage
In the butterfly exhibit
Slamming back a cold lemonade
The amazing Mold-A-Rama machine
Petting zoo: feeding the llama
Petting zoo: Komodo Dragon (They're quite docile if they're kept well-fed)
Petting zoo: Chicken
Ring-tailed lemurs

Third birthday, 2004-09-18

Slicing the cake
Sitting at the table with friends
In the wading pool
In the wading pool
Cat Abuse

Halloween, 2004

The cuteness, it burns...

Halloween, 2005

Moira and Gwen
Moira and Gwen again
Group picture

Loft Bed, 2006-03-17

Ruler of All I Survey!